10 Fashion Tips for the O-figure type that emphasize your delicate femininity

1.Abstain from all fashionable items that might draw attention to your stomach or on your natural waist. These include belt at the waist, buttons, bags, applications or other embellishments.. The fabrics that you can wear in the middle of the body, should tend to be rather dark or dull. Choose simple as possible tops or blouses.

2.Lay your waist visually upward over your belly, in the lower chest area. There is the slimmest part of your bust. Take the case of cuts of clothing that these are issued at the narrowest and including easily in the lower chest area.

3. You can also emphasize your narrow waist region below the belly. But you should know that this is visually shorten your legs without significantly streamline your torso. My tip : If hüftigen accents always a long jacket, blazer, vest or jacket open carry it ( see also point 10)!

4. Lead the looks to your beautiful neckline! Take advantage of necklaces, brooches, large or particularly original molded collar, such as wide turtleneck or waterfall necklines, to to draw the attention upwards. Large, round or V-shaped cutouts are particularly good. But also striking patterned cloths or scarves you can use it.

5. Emphasize gently your shoulders. Tops with submarine neckline, slight shoulder pads, wide straps or bustier tops create the necessary counterbalance to the voluminous middle and let your newly designed empire waist ( see point 2) look slimmer. If your upper arms are rather slim, you can also use a little puffed sleeves or draped Armkugeln to broaden your shoulders slightly. If your upper arms are stronger, however, you should give it up.

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